First Visit

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Your first visit to our orthodontic office is an exciting time! It’s a chance for us to get acquainted, and for you to learn about the treatments and services we offer. It all starts with the initial consultation.

You should plan to spend at least an hour with us the first time. That’s to ensure that no one has to rush, and that you get plenty of time to ask any questions you may have.

Let’s Make a Plan

A big part of our job today is to determine what treatment is necessary to correct any problems we may find — and whether we should begin now, or wait until a later time. We will get to know you and establish your treatment goals. Our procedure starts by taking a set of regular photographs of the teeth. Next, a series of radiographic (X-ray) images may be taken. These enable us to see what’s going on underneath the gums: the position and growth of bones and joints, and the teeth that are still below the gum line.

After that, it’s time for the examination with Dr. Popowich. He will look at the records and images, and perform a careful examination. This information will allow him to make a proper diagnosis and finalize your treatment plan at the first visit.

Discussing Your Treatment Options

Following the exam, we may tell you that things are just fine — or, we may recommend treatment. Whether you’re starting now or later, this is the best time to ask questions about the process. We can talk about available treatment choices, answer general questions about what to expect at the different stages of the process.

If treatment is recommended, we will review your orthodontic needs and treatment options. We will also explain what our fees will be, and what payment options are available and with plan and schedule your next visits.

If Dr. Popowich determines that it is not time to start treatment, we will monitor your growth and development with complimentary re-evaluation until the time is right to start. We will also communicate any recommendations with your family dentist.

When you leave our office, we think you’ll have a better understanding of how we can help you get the best possible smile. So why not take the first step now — call us for a consultation!

Forms Please fill out and bring to your first visit

Prior to your first visit, it is necessary to complete one of our Patient Information Forms. You can download and fill out the appropriate form by clicking one of the links below:

No Referral Necessary What can you expect during your first visit? Find out now!

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