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The state-of-the-art iTero scanner takes highly accurate 3D images of your teeth, this technology allows for faster and easier appointments. It enables us to obtain precise models of your teeth without having to take a physical impression, keeping you more comfortable without the goop or gag.


Propel is a procedure that consists of small micro-osteoperforations which stimulates your bone and works with your own biology. It allows for greater and faster movements of teeth without any added discomfort. Propel is ideal for moving those more difficult teeth or just to help speed up treatment time. This process can be done in just minutes by Dr. Popowich at your regular scheduled appointment and is clinically proven to reduce treatment time. There is no recovery time needed so you will be able to get back to your regular routine right away. Propel can be used in conjunction with both traditional braces or Invisalign.


Insignia is a system of customized brackets digitally set up by Dr. Popowich.  A scan will be obtained of your teeth then uploaded and processed. Your treatment plan will be digitally designed by Dr. Popowich and your braces will be fabricated just for you. Because these braces are 100% customized, they allow for faster treatment time, fewer appointments and more precise results.

AcceleDent or the Propel Vpro5

Propel Vpro5 is  a dental device that  is utilized for accelerated orthodontics. It consists of a mouthpiece, used at home, that distributes gentle vibration technology to accelerate the tooth movement. Propel Vpro5 uses micro-pulses at low and high frequency vibrations to help align your teeth in a faster, more comfortable way. Micro-pulses are strong enough to speed up tooth movement, but gentle enough that you’ll barely know you’re using it. The device gently stimulates remodeling and regeneration of bone. Using the small orthodontic device, in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, helps your teeth align faster than wearing traditional braces alone. Propel Vpro5 has been proven to be safe and comfortable to use and can help reduce discomfort associated with braces.

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